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Date: September 2020

Hyperpigmentation is a little known but often complexing phenomenon for most people affected. In order to learn a little more about the subject, we asked a few questions of Dr Sylvie Peres, dermatologist and co-founder of Alaena. Interview of Dr Sylvie Peres What are the causes of hyperpigmentation?

There are days where everything is alright, we wake up and see a perfect skin in the mirror. In a nutshell: a real dream who will unfortunately ends really quickly. Indeed, it happens that your perfect skincare fantasy falls appart and everything gets out of control. Redness, pimples, lack of glow,

Back to school is often synonymous with renewal and challenges. And who says new challenges also says new fads! So here are these products that will brighten up your daily life and that, we are sure, will quickly find a place in your bathrooms. Pat McGrath – MatteTrance™ Lipstick “Chri

If you were looking for the perfect spot to relax and escape a little bit from your daily life, don’t worry we got you! Discover the new Parisian place to be: Rose Cartel. A true wellness getaway inspired by Thailand, you’ll be immersed into a soothing environment where all of the care i


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